Deviled Eggs is a hot variation of the famous stuffed eggs. We specify the ingredients for an egg, however, assume that you will make several at once … So just multiply the other ingredients:

  • egg
  • each egg one teaspoon mustard (“deleted”)
  • Tabasco
  • chives
  • Chili powder

Chives cut into very fine rolls.

Boil eggs so that the yolks are hard. Peel eggs scare, halve and remove carefully remove yolks. Mash yolks with a few splashes of Tabasco, mustard and some chopped chives and mix well with a fork.

Eggs fill with the mixture – this is best done with a piping bag. Eggs then garnish with some chili powder and possibly chives.

As an appetizer, a salad or for a buffet.

This devilish eggs can occasionally on the table. As will be omitted in the preparation of the usual mayonnaise often, it is not so bold.